We work with what we are given from farmers, fishermen and butchers from, but not exclusively, B.C, rather than us dictating to them what we want. This means we only use what is in season right now which it turn means the product will taste better.


We work with lots of organic and bio-dynamic farmers on a one-to-one basis, meaning we get the best produce that is locally grown with sustainable farming practices.


We use meats that are free range and organic and anti-biotic free which all come from within B.C. These animals are free to move about, exercise and eat natural products. This results in a better quality of life for the animal which in turn means the customer has more flavorful, better textured and chemical free meat.


Our seafood all comes from the local areas and we do not use any exotic or imported fish. All the seafood we get is caught sustainably using sustainable fishing methods which include line caught fish and traps in which smaller sized catches can get out of. We do not use any fish that is fished by huge commercial troilers that drag nets over the bottom of the sea causing serious damage to the oceans.